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Hamilton House Rainbow Holiday Club

43 Montgomery Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1LN

01142812381,, EY235677



Fee Structure

July 2015

Includes all dinners and pack lunches.


Full Week                                                                 £110.00

8am to 6pm                                                               £26.00

8am to 1pm                                                               £15.00

1pm to 6pm                                                               £15.00

9am to 4pm                                                               £23.00

Hourly Rate                                                              £4.00


Police, Fire and NHS discounts available as well as older sibling discounts.


Snack, lunch and tea is provided.


The outings that are organised usually cover the whole day from 9am to at least 4pm so please consider this when you are booking.


Some outings will incur an additional cost and should be brought on the day.


All fees should be paid in advance.


All documentation must be complete before any child is accepted into our care.

        Week Commencing 18th July 2016
Monday 18th July 2016
Tuesday 19th July 2016
Wednesday 20th July 2016
AM Decorating your new room for the summer.
PM Tug of war.
Thursday 21st July 2015
AM Mount Pleasant Park 10am to 4pm
PM Football game and picnic.
Friday 22nd July 2016
AM Design a den.
PM Make a den.
        Week Commencing 25th July 2016
Monday 25th July 2016
AM Trip to the Peace Gardens.
PM 10am to 4pm. Bring towels and change of clothes. Bus fare.
Tuesday 26th July 2016
AM Baking
PM Buns, muffins, biscuits, marshmallow sticks.
Wednesday 27th July 2016
AM Pond dipping Eccelsall Wood £5 and bus fare. ONLY 15 PLACES
PM Need to be at nursery for 8:30am and back before 4pm
Thursday 28th July 2016
AM Crest Egg heads.
PM Design clean out and plant.
Friday 29th July 2016
AM Restock our worm farm.
PM Check out and develop our insect hotels.
        Week Commencing 1st August 2016
Monday 1st August 2016
AM Decorating  a plant pot and planting your own plant.
Tuesday 2nd August 2016
AM Fire Building & Den Making £5 and bus fare. ONLY 12 PLACES
PM Need to be at nursery for 11am and back before 5pm
Wednesday 3rd August 2016
AM Origami. Paper craft.
PM Stars, cranes, boats, hats, talking dog, ladybird, card.
Thursday 4th August 2016
AM Millhouses Park. Spare clothes and a towel.
PM Bus fare 9am to 4pm
Friday 5th August 2016
AM Make your own cinema. Bring a film.
PM Pop Corn and Hot Dogs.
        Week Commencing 8th August 2016
Monday 8th August 2016
AM Cinema BFG
PM 9am to 4pm. £5 plus bus fare.
Tuesday 9th August 2016
AM Kite making
PM Off to the park to fly our kites.
Wednesday 10th August 2016
AM Magna
PM 9am to 5pm. Prices to be confirmed. Plus bus fare.
Thursday 11th August 2016
AM Make your own sorbet.
PM Baking.
Friday 12th August 2016
AM Beach at the Peace Gardens.
PM 9am to 4pm, bus fare and spending money.
        Week Commencing 15th August 2016
Monday 15th August 2016
AM Team challenges all week.
PM Ball and cup, peg face, limbo, tantrum. Best team wins.
Tuesday 16th August 2016
AM Learn the steps to different dances.
PM Dance off! Best team wins.
Wednesday 17th August 2016
AM Magna Aqua Tek. Bus fare, entrance fee & change of clothes.
PM We will be out from 9am to 4pm. Please be here for 9am.
Thursday 18th August 2016
AM Water target. Bush tucker trial. Best team wins.
PM Water fight best team wins. Please bring a change of clothes.
Friday 19th August 2016
AM Ball and cup, peg face, limbo, tantrum. Best team wins.
PM Gunking the staff of the loosing team for the week.
        Week Commencing 22nd August 2015
Monday 22nd August 2016
AM Talent Show Practice
PM X Factor
Tuesday 23rd August 2016
AM Hand print clay moulds.
Wednesday 24th August 2016
AM Hollywood bowl £5 plus bus fare.
PM Arcade with spending limit
Thursday 25th August 2016
AM Tye dye t-shirts.
Friday 26th August 2016
AM Bring your own film, make our own cinema, pop corn, hot dog.
PM Bring your own technology/game device. 2 hr limit with breaks
        Week Commencing 29th August 2016
Monday 29th August 2016
AM Cinema Finding Dory
PM £5 plus bus fare. 9am to 4pm.
Tuesday 30th August 2016
AM Scavenger hunt
PM Walking the plank.
Wednesday 31st August 2016
AM Clifton Park
PM Bus fare and spending money. 9am to 5pm.
Thursday 1st September 2016
AM Egg carton helicopters
PM Massive bubble fun.
Friday 2nd September 2016
AM Salt dough treasure danglies.
      Week Commencing 5th September 2016
Monday 5th September 2016
AM Cinema Ice Age
PM £5 plus bus fare. 9am to 4pm.
Tuesday 6th September 2016
AM Water balloon piñata.