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Hamilton House Nursery & Pre School


All nursery fees are inclusive of meals, snacks, drinks and nappies.



8am – 1pm session                             £27.00

1pm – 6pm session                            £27.00

8am – 6pm full day                           £50.00

9am – 4pm                                         £38.00

9am-6pm                                            £47.50

8am-5pm                                            £47.50

Full Time                                            £225.00

1 hour                                                 £6.80

½ an hour                                           £3.40

7:3am start                                       £6.80

6:3pm finishes                                  £6.80

7am start and 7pm finish               £3.20 (additional to 7:30am/6:30pm start or finish)

Unarranged late pickup                   £6.80 for every 10 minutes


All fees are payable one month in advance, and must be received by the 25th of the previous month. If this payment is late there will be a surcharge of 10% added to the bill.

Your invoice amount is the same every month to allow for easy payment. The session rate for a 9am to 4pm is subject to doing those hours only.


We also offer school pick-ups, subject to location.


Nursery Grant

Hamilton House Nursery is registered to offer all children over three years of age the free grant of 15 hours. This starts the term after your child’s third birthday.

We also have places available for 2 year funding. If you require any assistance to see if you are eligible please come and speak to someone in the office who will happily assist you.

We are now enrolling children for up to 30 hours of Free childcare.  You need to apply the term before your child is eligible to start government funded hours. To find out if you qualify visit the Childcare Choices website at then simply bring your unique reference code to the office to reserve your child’s place for the  term. We cannot reserve places without your eligibility code. Any parent entitled to 30 hours childcare will need to reconfirm every 3 months.


If two or more siblings attend the nursery they will receive 5% discount of their invoice. We also offer 5% discount to those who work for the NHS, police and fire services.


All extra hours needed are dependent on the staffing levels on a day to day basis. All guaranteed extras need to be booked and paid for at least ten days in advance. All extras need to be paid for before the day of the booked hours. We do not offer discounts on any extra hours.